Edge of Procrastination: Live, Stall, Repeat

Writing is hard – especially when you aren’t doing it.  I should have been writing this whole evening after I got home from work.  I had every intention to get some thoughts down, some outlines laid out, some stories started, etcetera, etcetera, Peter etCetera.  I’m sure there’s some quote out there about well-meaning intentions and roads and what have you.  My intentions weren’t well-meaning and they really just paved the way to an evening of wasted time.  Maybe not fully wasted.  I did a semi-sweet Photoshop inspired by the Sessions testimony today.  And I spent a lot of time on that.  It might have been so much time that I regret my choice and the random thought that lead me down that road.  I guess I should blame Jeff Sessions and Tom Cotton.  Sounds solid.

13ma39I had a rough day at work too.  I was in a state of maximum blood vessel popability for most of the afternoon and you can’t really expect me to write when my head is all fuzzy and I want to throw my desk out of a window.  Sure, that was a few hours ago.  Stress kills though and I had to do something to get free of the stress.  Why not write, you might ask?  I just need to de-stress.  I don’t want to make pure crap because I have all this anger in my system.  I’ll get started later.

First I have to make dinner though.  I probably should have done that when I got home (or started to write or something).  You can’t expect someone to write if they have hunger on the brain.  Plus everyone knows hunger leads to anger.  And then I’d just be doubling down on anger.  Besides, it’s important to nourish the body.  What am I eating?  Some popcorn and a PB&J.  I’m just feeding myself anyway.  And that’s 2 or 3 of the important food groups, right?  Don’t judge me.  HEY, WHAT DO YOU WANT.  THEY WERE EASY TO FIX.

75351658I know.  I know.  I made a quick meal so it should be time to get the ol’ keyboard a clack-a-lackin’.  And I’m all calm now from my hilarious, life changing, will-probably-make-me-famous Photoshop.  I’m not taking care of anyone else like a kid or a parent or a dog so my time’s all free up.  It looks like it’s time to get to work.  But . . . there’s this RiffTrax of a Bruce Campbell movie and it ain’t gonna watch itself.  Plus it’s so late at night – too late to get started on writing.  I’ll just get up early . . . if I’m not up too late.  I guess I’ll just double down on the writing tomorrow.

There is always tomorrow.  Right?  And hey, look at this thing I made!


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